I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Coffee is brewing this morning and I know I’m going to need it, as I’m about to tackle a very important issue that is incredibly personal and I’ve been known to get a little worked up about.  That’s right, friends, today I’m talking about Star Wars.

But first thing is first, I finally took the plunge after several weeks of debate and sent out the link to my blog to my friends and family via Facebook and Twitter!  So, if you’re reading this and you know me, thank you so much for taking the time to read!  Yesterday I spent way too long just staring at my page views and watching them go up and up and up.  I truly appreciate your visit, and would love to hear back from you!  Comment, email, or sign up to follow me!  Oh, and – hi Mom!

English: Opening logo to the Star Wars films

English: Opening logo to the Star Wars films (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, now I’m ready.

Cue the Imperial March.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the news about George Lucas handing LucasFilm and with it Industrial Light and Magic, Skywalker Sound, LucasArts, etc. to Disney and that Disney is planning to produce the final three episodes in the epic saga that is Star Wars, Episodes VII, VIII, and IX.

So, I already have mixed feelings about George Lucas.  I was raised on the original trilogy (Episodes IV, V, and VI) and have them basically memorized.  I love A New Hope, meeting Old Ben, the crazy wizard who lives out in the boonies.  I love encountering the old, but powerful Yoda on Dagobah.  I love watching swarthy Han and up-tight, but strong, Leia fall in love over the course of the trilogy.  And who doesn’t love watching Luke whine throughout the first two movies until he becomes a total bad-ass Jedi, excuse my language.  Star Wars has always been a part of my life.  I can’t remember the first time I ever saw it, but it feels like I’ve always known about it.

So, basically, I’m a Star Wars snob.  I love the original trilogy and kind of despise the prequels.  Sure, I saw them all in theaters and truly appreciate the insight they give to the story line, but they could have been better.  They were rich and wonderful and had incredible new visual effects, but some parts were weak.  And, oh gosh, Jar Jar Binks?  Seriously?

So now that Episodes VII, VIII, and IX are on the table, I’m a little nervous.  My older brother, Chris, and I used to always dream that George would finish the saga and we would finally know how it all ends.  Since we were raised by two wonderful nerds (no offense, Mom and Dad), we always knew the Star Wars history: that George originally intended for a nine movie saga, didn’t have enough money to start at the beginning and so he found the most compelling story line within the middle three films.  I could go over viewing order for hours and hours, and probably will in a later post, but I won’t do that now.

One would think that Disney would want to maintain the Star Wars tradition and for these movies, go in the direction of Han and Leia’s kids, which is where all of the books go after Return of the Jedi.  But I’ve done some research and it would seem that Disney doesn’t want to go there at all!  As far as reporters know, Disney is going to create a new story with new characters not necessarily related to the first six episodes.  It might be a smart move by Disney not to rely on characters already so adored by fans, because then they would have to deal with a ton of casting drama made by the fans.  (Remember the whole Twilight casting fiasco?  I shudder to remember those angry fans when Robert Pattinson was chosen.)

Smart move, Disney, but I’m a little unhappy.  Only time will tell, I suppose.

This video, however, might make up for my present discontent: 

What do you think about the new Star Wars news?  Are you excited to follow these developments until 2015?  What are your predictions for Episode VII?

Now I’m off to town to finally get some power converters.




5 thoughts on “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

  1. Hey Alana, love, love, love reading about your life and times! It helps keep me up to date on what is going on in your life, and I love that!
    Keep writing…and as your second mom…have to say to keep doing your ‘real’ homework too!
    Love to you and yours!

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