Five Friday Favorites: Apps

My iPhone is tired. My darling 3GS has been through a lot: rainy cross-country meets, countless evenings out to dive bars with my sorority sisters, being lost, complete submersion in a cooler of freezing cold water and ice, family vacations down south, and DJ-ing countless long drives and dance parties, though most of those needed one artist, and one artist only – Ke$ha.

That all being said, I decided to treat myself to the new iPhone 5. It was ordered exactly a week ago and I have yet to hear any information about shipping or an expected arrival date. Luckily my 3GS and I have been spending some quality time together and in anticipation of our soon separation, I’m listing my Five Favorite Apps that I currently can’t live without.

  1. Songza – Songza is everything that I wished that other music-streaming sites would be. They have playlists focused around activities, moods, eras, or holidays. There is a “Music Concierge” that detects the general time of day and suggests activities that you might actually be performing at that time. So whether it’s dinner time and I need some French Pop to cook to or I’m up late studying and I need some Classical symphonies to sooth my aching brain, Songza has got my back! I’ll admit, sometimes I waste way too much time surfing through the Activities, because some of them are so fun! They have thought of everything, from Coding to Curing Road Rage, or Lying Low on a Sunday Afternoon or even Walking Through a City. There is both a web version that I use on my laptop when I’m studying and a mobile app that C and I have used when friends come over. If you’re tired of building playlists around single artists or song titles, try Songza to get a more robust music mix.
  2. SongPop – Okay, this one I totally blame on my darling friend B. I’ll be honest, this game has been my biggest distraction this week. It’s one of those somewhat irritating games that you just want to keep clicking. The user interface is pretty cool, but the jist of the game is to play different song clips and guess either their song title or the artist’s name. Music trivia, if you will. Some of the “playlists” are harder for me than others, especially Latin Hits, just because I don’t know many artists in that genre. But I’m pretty good at the Classic Rock genre, so don’t mess with me on that. It’s pretty fun, but maybe I shouldn’t play it as often as I do. It’s addictive!
  3. Angry Birds SeasonsI love Angry Birds Seasons. I usually play a few levels right before I go to bed. Everyone knows Angry Birds, right? Well, Angry Birds Seasons is a quirky little game that updates every time the seasons change. The Halloween levels were released a few weeks before Halloween and are themed according to the holiday. So, some of those Bad Piggies were dressed in costumes, like one had a Jason mask while another was dressed like Frankenstein. I, of course, can’t wait for the Christmas levels to come out. I would say, any fan of Angry Birds should definitely give Angry Birds Seasons a try.
  4. Instagram – Instagram is another one of my obsessions. I originally downloaded the app right before my family went on vacation this past summer. I had seen some blog posts about Instagram and thought it would be a good way for me to kind of document the trip. Sure enough, once we were on the road down to Tennessee, I was obsessed with Instagram. Yes, I occasionally take photos of my food and sometimes C makes fun of me, but I truly enjoy getting a chance to be creative with photography right from my phone. I also love checking out my feed. Since I mostly follow users like @dailypuppy or @puppiesinstagram, I’m usually greeted with a happy puppy every time I open the app. Sure, it’s nice to see photos of my friend’s babies (Squishy!) or gorgeous fall leaves, but I’m mostly in it for the puppies.
  5. Todoist – This is my favorite productivity app. Well, maybe other than Evernote, but I mostly use Evernote for random ideas or for planning blog posts. I use Todoist for my schoolwork or for tasks I really need to get done. It’s pretty great! You can create separate “projects” and list tasks within those projects. I love that there are multiple views that you can select, like a seven-day view or only overdue tasks. I also get an email every day with my tasks for the day and a cool graph of my productivity for the past few days. I have also downloaded the Google Chrome extension for Todoist, so my list is always accessible. ;

What are some of your favorite apps? Any suggestions for the new iPhone?




One thought on “Five Friday Favorites: Apps

  1. Great list; thank you for sharing! I hope to get an iPhone 5 soon, but in the mean time my favorite 4s apps include: Chase, DISH Remote Access (DRA), Instagram and Pinterest. I’ll have to check the other ones you mentioned too, because they really do sound like apps that are right up my alley! DRA is the app I use the most though because I’m constantly away on business. With the Sling Adapter my coworker at DISH got me a few months ago I’ve been using the app to watch all of my favorite shows from home, live or off my DVR, anywhere I go in the world. It especially comes in handy when my shows are airing and I’m half way across the country. πŸ™‚

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