Whirlwind weekend.


What a wonderful whirlwind of a weekend!  C and I had a blast back in Grand Ledge with my family.

That’s my Dad!

First we went to see the Singers on the Grand perform at the Opera House.  It was a wonderful show and all of the acts were fantastic, but my Dad totally stole the show.  While other performers sang classic American hits like “The Best is Yet to Come“, which is one of my favorites, and “Bridge Over Troubled Water“, my Dad put together a cover of “Black Muddy River” by the Grateful Dead.  It was gorgeous and haunting.  My mom sang harmonies and played piano, my uncle backed up with harmonica and banjo, and a family friend helped with backup vocals.  It was incredible and I was moved to tears.  You can listen to the original version here.

We bonded with the Singers at a local dive bar, The Log Jam, had some somewhat heated conversations about politics and life for twenty-somethings.  Then we headed home to sleep and enjoy that extra hour.  Side note: I love Daylight Savings Time in the Fall.

Today was a day for football, homework, and a spontaneous Mexican dinner.  There’s something about discussing stressful holiday plans over plates of giant burritos and rice.

English: The old water tower in Grand Ledge, M...

The old water tower in Grand Ledge, MI against the colors of fall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And now, after a weekend of fun and family, I’m ready for another busy week of graduate school.  I feel centered and refreshed.  And who wouldn’t after a weekend in a place like Grand Ledge.

Bring it on, Monday!




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