Proper “Following” Procedure

Alright, folks.

As we all settle in for our lovely Monday nights to watch football and look forward to the long weekend ahead, I thought I would take this time to address a topic that has been quite frustrating for me – the procedure of following my wonderful blog.

So – I know that some of my family members have had a hard time signing up to follow via email, as that is the easiest way these days.  I thought I’d lay out the process quick and easy for you.

  1. Go to
  2. Look on the right sidebar for the big gray “Follow” button, located just below the countdown to the end of NaNoWriMo.
  3. Type in your email (if you’re not a current WordPress user, which most of you aren’t) and click the “Follow” button.
  4. You should then see a message saying something about how you should receive a confirmation message.
  5. Wait patiently.
  6. Go to your email inbox and check for an email from me, Equal Parts of a Whole.  Be sure to check your Spam, in case it went there!
  7. Open the message and click the big “Confirm Follow” button.
  8. Clicking that button should take you to a separate screen where you can manage how often you want to receive updates from me, whether that be immediately, daily, weekly, etc.
  9. Enjoy getting my crazy ramblings delivered right to your inbox!

If this process doesn’t work, I’d really love to hear back from you, so feel free to comment on this post or email me at!

Follow, follow, follow!




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