G is turning 18 and A is getting nostalgic.

This week is Birthday Week for my darling little family.  My younger brother, G, turns 18 today and my mother turns…well, I won’t share that.  But, back to G.

He’s six years younger than me, so I can remember what he was like as a little brat who wanted to ruin my life.  But now he’s getting older and turning into a pretty awesome guy.  He started listening to good music, growing up, figuring out what he wants to do with his life, and now he’s kind of like a real person.  We can talk about pretty much anything and I know that he is always there for me.  I’ve loved watching him grow up and am constantly learning new things, whether they are random physics facts or goofy internet memes.

Photo Credit: Grandma

He might be a brat, but who could resist that face.

This landmark birthday of his has really made me stop and think back to when I turned 18.

My birthday is in the summer, so celebrating with friends was always possible.  And, my birthday falls at the end of July, two days away from Harry Potter’s birthday, which was always during my high school’s marching band camp.  Yes, I was in marching band, what of it?  I was also section leader for two years and president of the band my senior year. C and I actually met during band camp – the classic love story of an awesome trumpeter falling for one of the rowdy troublemakers in the trombone section.

A’s 18th Birthday, Cake #1

So my 18th birthday was an epic day that began with a senior camp-out at a friend’s house on the 28th with three cakes, going to sleep with the sun coming up, going back to the last day of camp bleary-eyed and exhausted, and ending the day with a show at The Firehouse and a movie with C and other friends.

Looking back to those days just before my senior year of high school, I can see how far I’ve come.  From wanting to double major in French and History, study abroad in Paris, and pursue a PhD. to teach at the college level, I’ve done literally none of that.  I majored in Art History, studied abroad in Rome, and am pursuing a Master of Science in Information to pursue a career in Digital Asset Management.  I’ve changed in so many ways, but in many ways I’m still the same.  C and I are still together and keep each other young and happy, I still have an insatiable curiosity, and I still dearly love my family.

I’m so thrilled with how my past six years have gone and honestly would not change a thing.

I hope that G feels the same way that I do when he looks back on his life.

Happy birthday, G!




2 thoughts on “G is turning 18 and A is getting nostalgic.

  1. Its a little odd seeing younger brothers man-ing up, but its a good kinda odd. My bro is entering university next year and he’s 5 years younger than me. I find it a little amazing that he has ‘grown up’.

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