Five Friday Favorites: End of the Semester

Yikes, I have been crazy busy!  As you can imagine, ever since getting back from Thanksgiving Break, school is in full-on crazy mode with papers, presentations, tests, and final exams looming ahead.  I’ve made countless lists of tasks I need to complete by the end of the semester, but it is so hard to keep everything straight.  Especially with organizing courses for next semester, lining up an internship, coordinating with family, blah blah blah.  Life is hard.

hot chocolate

(Photo credit: snorlax’s cafe)

This Friday, in order to keep myself moving forward, I’m going to list my five favorite things about the end of the semester.

  1. By far, my favorite thing about the end of the semester is that everyone goes a little crazy.  Sure, everyone shows it a little differently.  Some people wear their pajamas to class, others can be seen bleary-eyed and typing furiously in the student lounge.  Some send around ridiculous memes of cats in costumes while others still maintain a steady diet of coffee, granola bars, and fruit snacks.  While none of this is necessarily healthy, it is all very common.  I love walking around campus and seeing other people stressed out about finals, because it reminds me that we are all a little crazy.
  2. If there is one thing that kills my productivity at the end of the Fall semester, it is ABC Family‘s 25 Days of Christmas.  Every single day there are at least five Christmas/Holiday movies that remind me of my childhood.  While I would love to sit in front of the TV wrapped up in a blanket, dipping my piece of bread into my Christmas mug of hot chocolate and watch Home Alone, followed by The Nightmare Before Christmas, followed by Elf, a small part of me knows that it just isn’t possible anymore.  So I resign myself to turning the TV on mute, huddling at my desk with my cup of tea, and finishing my work as quickly as possible so I can catch the end of The Polar Express.  Curse you, ABC Family.
  3. One thing that gets me through the end of the semester is the promise of at least three weeks where there is nothing on my calendar.  I’m very lucky to still be in school and to still have a Winter Break, and I plan to take full advantage of it.  Maybe I’ll get some work done, but right now the only thing I’m planning to do is a ton of reading.  The promise of that glorious and unscheduled time is pushing me through these last two weeks.
  4. Winter is coming.  Game of Thrones reference fully intended here, people.  If you know me, you know I love winter.  I am seriously disappointed any day that I wake up in December and don’t see snow on the ground.  Just wait for the first big snow to hit the Ann Arbor area.  You’ll probably be able to hear my squeals of joy from wherever you are right now.
  5. And finally, I truly enjoy reflecting and taking stock of how far I’ve come this semester.  I think I’ve accomplished a lot in the few short months since I moved up to attend the University of Michigan.  I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons, made some foolish mistakes, but come out wiser (and possibly more stylish) than when I arrived.  I can only hope for three more semesters that are just as exciting and jam-packed with knowledge.

What are your favorite parts about the end of the semester/school year?  Do you go a little crazy during the holiday season too?




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