Am I a Blogger Now?

It’s December 5th, and you’re still around.

Not that I’m surprised.  I mean, I am  a pretty entertaining writer.  Sure, I don’t always post at a regular time and all of my posts are about something different, but at least I’m funny, right?



So the blog has been “public”, as I like to say, since Halloween, and now I’m struggling with this new-found identity.  I’m taking more photos on my phone, worrying about my stats page, doing research on how to garner more readers, and working on expanding to other social media platforms.  Sometimes I stop and wonder to myself, Who are you?  What happened to you?  Are you one of those ‘bloggers’ now?

Over Thanksgiving and the past few weeks I found myself sketching out posts, snapping pictures of random things, or even saying the words, “I’m going to put this on my blog.”  And the thing is – I’m truly enjoying it.

I want to post something every day and feel guilty when I don’t.  I want to respond to comments and think of new ways to post or incorporate my life.  I want to expand on topics that might be meaningless to everyone else but are dearly important to me.

And so, I can officially say that, after about a month of testing, the blog will stay.  It will stick around and only get better!  After I finish my finals, of course.  I am, after all, a student first.

So stick around, folks.  It’s going to be an interesting ride!



P.S. Check me out on Twitter (@partsofawhole)!


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