So, yes – it’s finals.  I’m busy writing papers and don’t necessarily have time to get knee-deep in a blog post right now.  C would laugh and say, “Oh, but you have time for Facebook and playing Angry Birds on your phone?” to which I would respond, “Yes, okay.  Those are my coping mechanisms.”

…and now I’m talking to myself.

Clearly, I’m going crazy.  But here’s what else I’m doing:

  • Drinking coffee, obviously.  I’m a crazy graduate student who is furiously editing group papers, writing final assignments, and completing final projects.  I take my coffee like my mom does, tons of cream and a dash of sugar.  It’s a nasty habit, but at least I can always tell which cup of coffee is mine!
  • Listening to The Skimm’s Ultimate Chrismukkah Party on Songza.  If you don’t know of The Skimm, you definitely should.  They send out a newsletter daily compiling that day’s headlines into bite-sized and easily digestible nuggets.  I’ve only been on the list for about two weeks now, but I’m totally digging it.  I never have time to truly catch up on the news, but now at least I feel a little bit informed after inserting The Skimm into my morning routine.  Anyway, they put out playlists every once in a while, and as Holiday playlists go, this one isn’t bad.  And I just heard Neil Diamond sing The Hanukkah song, so…there’s that.
  • Wearing DePauw Track and Field half-zip, jeans, clogs.  Today is my lazy day, okay?  No class, no errands to run – just work.  I’m bored already.
  • Thinking that it’s about time we got some snow.  It’s really hard for me to get into the holiday spirit without it, so -come on Mother Nature!
  • Craving turkey wrap on wheat with lettuce, tomato, American cheese, and cranberry mayo from the Hub at DePauw.  I miss that cranberry mayo.

Alright – back to work!


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