I went to grad school and all I got were these silly glasses.

Friends, my eyes have been killing me lately.  It all started towards the middle of the semester when, after hours of working on my laptop, reading through articles, and staring at PowerPoint presentations, I would have this incredibly severe pain in my eyes.  Once it was so bad during a lecture that I had to close my laptop, stop taking notes, and try to soothe my watery eyes by looking down at the table.  I realized just how much more I was using my eyes now.

That sounds silly, I know, but graduate school has meant a lot more screen time and a lot less relaxing time.  So I decided to get my eyes checked out and lo, and behold, my doctor suggested I get a pair of reading glasses.  Well, more so reading-working-on-the-computer-and-in-class glasses.  And since that’s basically all I do anymore, they’re pretty much going to be an all the time thing.

While at first I was a little bummed out because I’ve never had any eye issues before.  Having glasses seems like just one more thing for me to keep track of an inevitably lose.  And it’s not like I could ever wear contacts – I hate using eye drops or putting anything on my eyes.  After some initial disappointment and a short chat with my mother, I decided that I was excited to explore the glasses-wearing world.

A friend suggested that I check out this company called Warby Parker, named after two Kerouac characters.  I thought, alright, I’ll give it a try.  And then my mind was blown.

WP carries all kinds of classic and unique styles that pretty much anyone can appreciate.  I signed up to use their Home Try On system where they send you five pairs of glasses of your choosing and you have five days to test them out and show them to your friends.  Then, after you’ve decided which ones you want to actually buy, you ship them all back, order your pair online, and they’ll get your frames and prescription lenses sent on their way!  It’s pretty awesome to be able to test out the glasses at home before you buy them, even if they aren’t your prescription.  I’ve been wearing the Ainsworth around all day to test them and I can’t wait to get my pair in the mail next week, just in time for me to be able to do some leisure reading without straining my eyes over the break!




P.S. Did you notice the snow?!  What a lovely little add-on!


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