Five Friday Favorites: Favorite Christmas Movies

Five Friday Favorites: Favorite Christmas Movies
It’s that time of year and we’re getting down to the last week before Christmas.  I always like to prepare with some viewings of some of my favorite holiday films.  These movies all remind me of my childhood and the joy that the season brings.
  1. Muppet Christmas Carol is a staple in my family around the holidays.  My brothers and I have the soundtrack practically memorized along with most of the dialogue.  This classic Christmas story is told much better by Muppets, in my mind.  And who can beat a Ghost of Christmas Present that looks like an Irish Santa Claus?  No one.
  2. Scrooge, with Albert Finney, is one of my mother’s favorite Christmas movies.  This grumpy, hunchback Scrooge always gets me laughing, especially during the song “I Hate People.”  Check this version out if you’re looking for an older version of the classic story.
  3. Christmas Vacation.  What’s better than Christmas with the Griswolds?  Every family is a little bit Griswold-ish at times and I’m sure everyone has that crazy Uncle lurking around.  So flick on those holiday lights and enjoy this family disaster…I mean, celebration.
  4. Elf.  Will Ferrell is quite possibly my favorite comedian and to have him star in a Christmas movie is like a dream come true.  There are so many good parts of this movie – the mail-room dance scene, the goodbye letter, and especially the confrontation with Peter Dinklage, the South Pole elf.
  5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Sometimes I watch this movie to remember what Taylor Momsen was like before Gossip Girl, but other times I watch it to laugh until my sides ache.  Jim Carrey is magnificent and incredibly creepy as the Grinch.  Favorite part – when he stands on Mount Crumpit, hating the Whos….alphabetically.

Enjoy these holiday movies and hope for some snow!


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