Five Friday Favorites: End of the World Confessions

Apparently the world was supposed to end today, and while I never put much stock in the rumors, with the alleged end approaching I stopped for a moment yesterday to take stock of my life…you know, in case the world did end.  Ultimately, I’m pretty happy with where I am and I don’t know that it would really scare me that the world was ending.  But here are five end of the world confessions from me, just in case the world ends later.

  1. I love reality television more than a normal person should.  Yes, I was once a strong supporter of shows like Tough Love, Rock of Love: Bus, Jersey Shore, The Real World, etc.  It’s surprising just how involved I get with goofy shows like that, but I get absolutely obsessed.  I’ve cut back a lot, simply due to a  lack of time, but every once in a while I’ll flip on an episode of Teen Mom 2 just to take stock of how wonderful and drama-free my life is.
  2. I play with my phone too much.  C sometimes gets on my case because I am constantly checking Twitter, checking my email, getting on Facebook, checking on Instagram, or playing BubbleXplode.  It’s one of my goals to cut back on this impulse in 2013.  I need to learn how to put the technology away and enjoy the moment that I’m in more.
  3. I love planning more than I love doing.  This is a major problem with me.  I love laying out deadlines, making schedules, and organizing everything way more than I enjoy actually doing tasks.  This is another issue that I really need to work on, especially for next semester because I’m going to be crazy busy.
  4. I am deathly afraid of people in mascot costumes.  I have no real rationale for why I have this debilitating  fear, but it is a problem that I live with on a daily basis.  It is especially hard because I am a huge sports fan, but I just can’t appreciate the people who dress up in the costumes.  There’s something strange about not being able to see someone’s face…
  5. I still believe in Santa Claus.  Like, for real.  I just think there’s a magic at Christmastime that can’t always be explained.  I remember the Christmas that my older brother, Chris, proved to me that Santa was real.  I must have been eleven or twelve and Chris was a few years older than me.  We slept in the dining room that year, hoping to catch a glimpse of the big guy.  We were laying on the pull-out, talking about what we were hoping to find under the tree the next morning when Chris stopped, sat up and looked out the window.  He pointed to a small red dot up in the sky and told me that it was Rudolph’s nose.  I looked at that dot and I believed, without question.  We quickly fell asleep and woke up to the greatest Christmas either of us could remember.  I know it’s foolish and that I’m 24 and should know better, but I’ll never forget that night.  Chris always kept the spirit of Christmas alive for me and I would truly hate to lose that.

What are your End of the World Confessions?




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