Winter Reading Update

Well, I’ve successfully crossed one book off of my winter reading list – The Great Gatsby.  It took me just under three days to tear through the rich two-hundred or less pages.  I had no idea it was so short when I decided to read it nor did I really know anything about the plot or the time setting.  It really was all about parties and love and secrets in the fabulous 20s.  I know already that I’ll have to read it again since I was blazing through the pages.  Everyone has told me that there are so many subtleties and nuances that you have to catch again and again.  Mostly, I’m glad I read it and look forward to reading it again in the near future.

And now, since I got The Casual Vacancy for Christmas (Thanks Mom and Dad!) I’m dipping in to that.  So far it’s been interesting to read a J.K. Rowling that isn’t Harry Potter.  Sure, I miss the magic and Hogwarts but so far this book is incredibly interesting.  It’s still the incredibly detailed and cozy world that Rowling so often creates it’s just a different setting and a different type of drama.  I won’t spoil it for anyone who is still planning on reading it, but thus far, about one-hundred pages in, I’m not too disappointed.

What are you reading this Christmas season?




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