Travel Tuesdays: Travel Dreams of 2013

The new year has come and while I have relished my time off, I’m ready to dive back into the real world and get 2013 started.  I’m keeping up with some of my resolutions, eating a little bit healthier, and have developed a brand new series to entertain you and allow me weekly trips down memory lane.

With that, I’d like to introduce my new weekly series – Travel Tuesdays!  Each Tuesday I’m going to share a small story about some of my many travels that I’ve had the opportunity to take (Thanks Mom and Dad!).  For this first Travel Tuesday, however, I thought I’d share some of my travel dreams for the new year.

First up will hopefully be a visit to some friends in Chicago where C and I will celebrate one of my truest friend’s birthdays.

English: The western ramp and pylon of Brookly...

Over spring break I hope to have the opportunity to travel to New York City to volunteer for an organization.  I haven’t heard back from my application yet, but I’m already so excited!  The tentative plan is for C to come out to the big city for the weekend after Spring Break so we can have a little adventure.  C has never been to NYC and I’ve only been twice so I think it will be fun to explore!  I’ve already got a few ideas of things I definitely want to see, which, sadly, includes most of the museums and some uber-touristy spots.  If anyone hails from the Big Apple, I’d love some suggestions on quirky must-sees or hidden gems.

Over the summer, I’m not entirely sure where my travels will take me, as I’m not sure where I’ll be interning.  I’m hoping to stay in the Midwest, but would be willing to explore other parts of the country.  C’s family is planning a vacation to Gulf Shores mid-summer and hopefully he and I will be able to tag along for that.  C and I definitely want to try to get up to Mackinac Island over the summer as well.

As for the rest of the year, the calendar is blank so far!

What are your travel plans for the year?




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