Happy Christmas from Traverse City!

This Christmas has been different to say the least, but one thing remains the same: I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family. When some things start to go wrong, we band together and find ways to laugh.

After a rough night not being able to get in the front door of our rental cabin and a frantic search for a hotel room at 3 am that could house the five of us and our two dogs, we’ve enjoyed a different kind of Christmas than we’re used to. We didn’t open presents until we had unpacked the car, had some coffee, and properly settled in. We found so many small ways to lift each other up whether that was with a story, a joke, a hug, or offering to help with something. Now as the day comes to a close and we’re watching the Grinch and sharing a bottle of wine, I can call this Christmas a success.


I hope your Christmas was just as good!




Christmas is coming!

We’re just a few days away and I’m currently making up my huge packing list for C and I’s adventure across Indiana and Michigan in the next week.  We’re heading down to be with his family for a few days before heading up to Traverse City for the rest of the week, where I hear they have something like 18 inches of snow.  Needless to say, I’m excited to spend the entire week with family.  That’s what the season is all about, isn’t it?

That being said, I can’t promise that I’ll be posting as regularly, but maybe you’ll hear from me a few times!

Happy Holidays!



Happy birthday, Mom!

Today is my awesome Mommy’s birthday!

She’s one of my best friends and has always been an incredible role model for me.  C always tells me that I’m just like her, and while that might upset some people, I’m so happy to be following in my mom’s footsteps.

Yesterday I treated her to a pampering at our favorite salon.  We both got manicures and then went shopping to fulfill our Thanksgiving tradition – the annual tacky Christmas pin purchase.  I’ve got so many goofy Christmas pins in my jewelry box, but I never get sick of this tradition.

This birthday has been a good one, I think.  The day started off with coffee and waking up to a small dusting of snow on the ground, bacon-akes for breakfast, and a day of relaxation and football.

Happy birthday to the best mother ever!