I’m done!  I’m done with finals!  But sadly I’m completely submerged in some Christmas projects (that I can’t go into too much detail about because the gift receivers will be reading the blog!) and loving it!  I basically wake up, leave the TV on ABC Family and coast through the day on the holiday spirit.  And so, that’s why I’ve been lazy and not posting very much this week!  Yikes.  So, I figured a basic update is in store.

  • Drinking Very Vanilla Silk.  It’s delicious.  Normally I go for the chocolate soy milk, but I decided to give the vanilla a whirl.
  • Listening to the rain outside.  Yuck.  I thought that Winter Storm Draco was going to mean some snow for the southeast Michigan area, but apparently I was wrong.  Luckily I’m heading up to Traverse City for the holiday (after a short jaunt in northern Indiana) and I’ll get to see some snow.  Geesh – and I remember when it used to snow in November!  I really am dreaming of a white Christmas like the ones I used to know.  And…now I feel old.
  • Wearing :EPoaW - Currently
  • Thinking that my first day with glasses has been pretty strange.  It’s so weird for me to remember to put them on when I’m doing something that I might strain my eyes working on.  And to have thing automatically magnified is pretty crazy.  I think they’ll totally help me next semester, though.
  • Craving homemade pizza.  I’m pretty awesome at making the crust, and C and I do a pretty good job with the toppings.  I think I’ve got an idea for dinner tonight…





So, yes – it’s finals.  I’m busy writing papers and don’t necessarily have time to get knee-deep in a blog post right now.  C would laugh and say, “Oh, but you have time for Facebook and playing Angry Birds on your phone?” to which I would respond, “Yes, okay.  Those are my coping mechanisms.”

…and now I’m talking to myself.

Clearly, I’m going crazy.  But here’s what else I’m doing:

  • Drinking coffee, obviously.  I’m a crazy graduate student who is furiously editing group papers, writing final assignments, and completing final projects.  I take my coffee like my mom does, tons of cream and a dash of sugar.  It’s a nasty habit, but at least I can always tell which cup of coffee is mine!
  • Listening to The Skimm’s Ultimate Chrismukkah Party on Songza.  If you don’t know of The Skimm, you definitely should.  They send out a newsletter daily compiling that day’s headlines into bite-sized and easily digestible nuggets.  I’ve only been on the list for about two weeks now, but I’m totally digging it.  I never have time to truly catch up on the news, but now at least I feel a little bit informed after inserting The Skimm into my morning routine.  Anyway, they put out playlists every once in a while, and as Holiday playlists go, this one isn’t bad.  And I just heard Neil Diamond sing The Hanukkah song, so…there’s that.
  • Wearing DePauw Track and Field half-zip, jeans, clogs.  Today is my lazy day, okay?  No class, no errands to run – just work.  I’m bored already.
  • Thinking that it’s about time we got some snow.  It’s really hard for me to get into the holiday spirit without it, so -come on Mother Nature!
  • Craving turkey wrap on wheat with lettuce, tomato, American cheese, and cranberry mayo from the Hub at DePauw.  I miss that cranberry mayo.

Alright – back to work!